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As a publisher of high quality trade media for the hospitality industry, EMC Publications gives our clients access to niche markets, targeting buyers and positioning their companies as key suppliers to those businesses.

The Quarterly Pour magazine targets private liquor stores, pubs and bars in BC.

Liquor Retailer magazine reaches all the liquor stores and chain head offices in Alberta.

LiquorRetailer.com is a resource for anyone selling liquor over the bar or the counter in Western Canada.

InnFocus magazine targets all hotels and resorts across BC.

As the official publications of the trade associations we represent (ABLE BC, ALSA & BCHA), our magazines focus on leading edge editorial that is created for the local market, so all the content is very relevant to our readers. EMC's publications and website are respected sources of information for business owners and managers, keeping them current on issues and trends in their industries.

We don't just sell you an ad. We consult with our clients to ensure their ad is part of an overall marketing strategy that will help them generate new business.

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"Within the past year of advertising in The Publican magazine, we have always had AT LEAST A 1000% ROI (return on investment)." - Clifford Weerpass, Partner, Lions Port Products