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by Joyce Hayne

An inspired team produces higher revenues, is more productive and stays with you longer, so what can you do to build a stronger team?

Build Goals Together

The best way to develop a team to follow your lead is to get them to buy in to your goals. You shouldn’t dictate objectives to team members, but rather let them create their own while keeping the overall team goal in mind.

I’m sure we all know salespeople who have been told they have to increase sales 10% over last year, even though last year was a phenomenal success, with a small chance of those succeeding factors being in play again.

Ask team members, “What can we achieve?” both as a team and an individual. The results may surprise you, as employees often demand more of themselves than you would. That question will also uncover potential barriers that will need to be addressed before you can achieve your goal.

Utilize Strengths

As a team, everyone should see how their individual strengths will help the team accomplish its goal. I’m a strong planner, so I would be great at developing timetables for action plans, but I suck at creating Excel reports, so would waste a lot of time if I was forced to do that.

To keep your team motivated, find out what drives each person. What is she passionate about? What assignments does she really enjoy? What motivates her to perform at her peak potential each day? Use this information to assign future tasks and to reward positive behaviour.

Also ask, “How can I support you?” Staff may want training or technical support to become more productive and other employees may be happy to share their expertise.

Engage Employees

Seek continuous input from your team to show that you need their help and that you value their ideas. The more engaged your employees are, the better they’ll function as a team. Be sure to listen actively as they’re talking by taking notes and acknowledging their opinions. Take time to do this on an individual basis as well as in meetings. And don’t forget to thank them for sharing their thoughts. It’s amazing how far a heart-felt ‘Thank You’ goes.

Building a strong team isn’t difficult it just takes time and a clear appreciation of each staff member.

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