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Cannabis Retailer May/June 2021

Retailers are now legally allowed to sell cannabis across Canada and these new      store owners need a respected source of information to help them run their businesses.
CannabisRetailer targets owners and managers in this new industry.

Sell your products and services to every retail cannabis store across Canada with  a business magazine designed exclusively for Canadian retailers.

From new product information to sales trends and human resource best practices,  this trade publication is Canada’s go-to source for cannabis business owners. 

Visit CannabisRetailer.ca for current news, articles, and more.

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"I don’t think I’ve enjoyed or learned as much as I did from any issue of The Quarterly Pour before this. Well done! Not that there aren’t other issues with valuable information in them. One, most specifically, comes to mind. You’ve done a lot of articles with great information. I think the timing and information in this climate was perfect… Just wanted to say that it is appreciated the work you do to help all of us struggling in the industry right now. " - Wayne Ferguson, President/Owner, The Taphouse