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january/february 2021

Extra Distribution at Lift Vancouver

Reserve by     November 27
Published     January 4


  • Ensuring Diversity and Inclusion in your HR Practices

  • Engaging with and Supporting your Local Community

  • Selecting the Best Location for your Brand

  • Maximizing Store Revenue 

march/april 2021

Reserve byJanuary 15
PublishedMarch 1
  • Onboarding Staff with a Strong Training Program
  • Educating Consumers about Cannabis
  • Increasing Sales with Point-of-Purchase Displays
  • Indigenous Stores Make their Mark

May/june 2021

Reserve byMarch 19
PublishedMay 3


  • Managing People and Culture
  • Appeal to Senses to Create a Comfortable Ambiance

  • Creating a Destination Store

  • Taking your Store Public

JUly/august 2021

Reserve by      May 21
Published      July 5


  • Utilizing Data to Optimize Operations
  • Leveraging Social Media While Remaining Compliant

  • Building a Brand that Drives Sales

  • Understanding the Complexity of Terpenes

September/October 2021

Reserve by          July 23  
Published     September 7



  • Benchmarking your Performance                                  
  • Using Marketing Technology to Ignite your Brand

  • Reviewing your Value Proposition

  • Fighting the Black Market

November/ December 2021

Reserve by        September 17
Published     November 1



  • Innovative Recruiting Strategies                                  
  • Building Brand Loyalty

  • Cost-saving Strategies to Increase Profitability

  • Changes to the Federal Cannabis Act


In every Issue

  • Legal Corner – Questions from our readers relating to legal issues are answered.
  • Trends – Trends from Canada and the United States will be featured.
  • Editor’s Notes – Receive an update on the most current issues facing the cannabis industry.


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