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Winter 2019

Reserve           December 14
Published           January 25


  • Dealing with New Competition – As legal cannabis has created an alternative to liquor, what steps can you take to maintain your market share?
  • Cost-saving Strategies – What expenses can be pared down to improve your bottom line without compromising customer service?
  • Health & Safety in the Workplace – How do new safety protocols impact employers?
  • Changing Vendors – Will a change in equipment or product supplier save you money or just cost you time and effort?

Spring 2019

ReserveMarch 8
PublishedApril 19
  • Loss Prevention Strategies – Why should you invest in products to reduce shoplifting and improve safety?
  • Partners vs. Competitors – Building a relationship with local producers can be challenging if they’re also competing with you by selling at farmers’ markets and in their production facilities.
  • Reducing Staff Turnover – How can you make staff feel valuable by investing in their personal and career growth and participating in special activities?
  • Developing New Markets – Work with a company to create a tour of local breweries, distilleries and meaderies and include your store as a stop.

Summer 2019

ReserveJune 7
PublishedJuly 19
  • The Shifting Duty of Care – How can you recognize intoxication from cannabis to deny a liquor sale?
  • Promotions – Develop innovative promotions to drive new business to your store.
  • Food & Cocktail Pairing – What recommendations can you provide customers to pair food with cocktails?
  • Best Practices for ID Checking – How can you work towards 100% compliance with age verification?

Fall 2019

Extra Circulation at the Alberta Liquor Industry Conference

ReserveAugust 30
PublishedOctober 11
  • Selling Local – How can you highlight local products in your store to support neighbouring producers and feature unique products?
  • Supporting Employees – If your employees are suffering from mental health issues or substanceabuse, what resources are available to them?
  • Mobile Marketing – What strategies can you employ to drive business through smart phones?
  • Attracting Millennials – How do you attract this lucrative market to your store?

In Every Issue

  • Featured Establishment – One ALSA member and his/her liquor store will be profiled.
  • Wine Report – Learn something new about the wine industry each quarter.
  • Spirit Spotlight – Each issue we feature a specific spirit, showcasing its history and attributes.
  • Beer Notes – A different aspect of the beer industry will be highlighted in each issue.
  • AGLC Report – The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission examines current programs and industry issues.
  • Editor’s Notes – Receive an update on the most current issues facing the liquor industry.
  • ALSA’s Message – Find out what ALSA has been doing to advocate for the industry.
  • Names in the News – Who won awards? Who’s been fundraising? Who’s moved where? Please send us updates on awards your company has won or contributions you have made to your community.
  • What’s New? – Be sure to send us information on any brand new products or services your company is offering.


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