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Winter 2019

Reserve           December 14
Published           January 25


  • Dealing with New Competition – As legal cannabis has created an alternative to liquor, what steps can you take to maintain your market share?
  • Cost-saving Strategies – What expenses can be pared down to improve your bottom line without compromising customer service?
  • Health & Safety in the Workplace – How do new safety protocols impact employers?
  • Changing Vendors – Will a change in equipment or product supplier save you money or just cost you time and effort?

Spring 2019

ReserveMarch 8
PublishedApril 19
  • Loss Prevention Strategies – Why should you invest in products to reduce shoplifting and improve safety?
  • Partners vs. Competitors – Building a relationship with local producers can be challenging if they’re also competing with you by selling at farmers’ markets and in their production facilities.
  • Reducing Staff Turnover – How can you make staff feel valuable by investing in their personal and career growth and participating in special activities?
  • Developing New Markets – Work with a company to create a tour of local breweries, distilleries and meaderies and include your store as a stop.

Summer 2019

ReserveJune 7
PublishedJuly 19
  • The Shifting Duty of Care – How can you recognize intoxication from cannabis to deny a liquor sale?
  • Promotions – Develop innovative promotions to drive new business to your store.
  • Food & Cocktail Pairing – What recommendations can you provide customers to pair food with cocktails?
  • Best Practices for ID Checking – How can you work towards 100% compliance with age verification?

Fall 2019

Extra Circulation at the Alberta Liquor Industry Conference

ReserveAugust 30
PublishedOctober 11
  • Selling Local – How can you highlight local products in your store to support neighbouring producers and feature unique products?
  • Supporting Employees – If your employees are suffering from mental health issues or substanceabuse, what resources are available to them?
  • Mobile Marketing – What strategies can you employ to drive business through smart phones?
  • Attracting Millennials – How do you attract this lucrative market to your store?

In Every Issue

  • Featured Establishment – One ALSA member and his/her liquor store will be profiled.
  • Wine Report – Learn something new about the wine industry each quarter.
  • Spirit Spotlight – Each issue we feature a specific spirit, showcasing its history and attributes.
  • Beer Notes – A different aspect of the beer industry will be highlighted in each issue.
  • AGLC Report – The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission examines current programs and industry issues.
  • Editor’s Notes – Receive an update on the most current issues facing the liquor industry.
  • ALSA’s Message – Find out what ALSA has been doing to advocate for the industry.
  • Names in the News – Who won awards? Who’s been fundraising? Who’s moved where? Please send us updates on awards your company has won or contributions you have made to your community.
  • What’s New? – Be sure to send us information on any brand new products or services your company is offering.


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"Liquor Retailer has been an excellent way for our company to feature new products to our portfolio in the Product Showcase section of the magazine. It has increased the awareness among retailers of the featured products, and also has helped us reach retailers that are in more challenging geographical locations." - Amy Lynch, Western Canada Marketing Coordinator/Executive Assistant, Vintage West Wine Marketing