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by Joyce Hayne

If you want to motivate an individual salesperson or your team, celebrate their successes – both small and large.

An individual can receive a chocolate bar or cookie for calling five new prospects a day, or can take an extra coffee break after spending an hour cold-calling. It can be highly motivating to tie celebrations to the achievement of sales goals. These could be related to:

  • # of leads developed;
  • the length of the sales pipeline;
  • # of new accounts created;
  • # or $ value of sales closed; or
  • closing ratio.

As you focus on successes, even the small ones, you’ll build a culture of recognizing successes and more will come your way!

Larger victories dictate larger celebrations. When a rep closes a particularly big sale, take that person out to lunch or for an after-work drink.

If your team surpasses budget one month or quarter, take everyone out for lunch or host a pizza party in the office. Think back to the Blue Jays playoffs. It’s more fun to watch the game at a pub with a lot of people cheering, than to sit and watch the game alone at home. If you have tight budgets, you can do something as simple as ringing a bell to signify a milestone moment.

Don’t restrict your celebrations to work. You should practice this in your personal life as well. I’ve been going to boot camp and bought myself a specialty coffee the first time I completed the whole circuit in the given time frame.

Be cautious not to get complacent just because you’ve reached your objectives. Keep stretching your goals to give you and your team a new mark to work towards. That will give you even more occasions to celebrate!

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