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As we’re still in a sluggish economy, it’s more critical than ever that you review who is giving your company business now, and then try to look for more companies in that sector. Look at the top 10% of companies producing in your database and create a demographic profile of what they look like. What markets, regions, and industries are they in? Next, follow the money. Develop a game plan for how you can sell more to that specific industry.

Ask a list company to develop a list of prospects for you that meet those criteria and then add them to your marketing list and call on them.

Search your current client database for old prospects that you haven’t called for some time that also meet that criteria. Maybe their company wasn’t doing well 2 years ago, but their business may be doing better now.

Conduct some research to uncover which industries are performing well and put your efforts behind those sectors.

Seek out articles about top performing companies from the local media (don’t forget to read InnFocus, Alberta Hospitality and The Publican to see who we profile as stars in the industry).

Make a goal for the new year of how many new prospects you’ll add to your database each week so that you can meet your sales targets for next year.

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