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Do you know how much your sales team will sell, how many sales are in your pipeline, and when they will be sold? In order to gain a better understanding, you need to break down the sales process and then track what your sales team is doing at each step of the sale.

  • Prospecting - This activity ensures you have an ongoing list of prospects to contact. If your team stops prospecting, you’ll have fewer sales to close later on. Be sure to keep filling the funnel with new leads.
  • Sales Calls - Whether on the phone or in person, the number of people your reps talk with each week will determine how many sales are available to close.
  • Sales Closed - Measure how many sales are closed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, since this is the main indicator of the amount of revenue generated.

Ask your sales team to record how many new prospects are contacted each week, how many sales calls are made and how many sales are closed. They will start understanding their contact and closing ratios as well as the best days to reach people, so they can make more productive use of their time.

We’ve all heard many times that you can’t improve what you can’t measure, and you can’t celebrate successes if you don’t set goals, so work with your sales reps to set their own goals and then help them celebrate their wins. Ultimately, they’ll be wins for your company as well!

As you track the team’s progress, you’ll determine how much of each activity is needed to maintain current sales levels and what needs to change in order to take your business to the next level.

Be aware that in implementing any new program you may encounter some resistance from your sales reps, but the more you involve them in the process, they better they’ll understand it and buy into how it will help them make more sales - and more money.

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